Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday and ....

To most people it is TGIF! I enjoy Fridays... most of the time, but it has a different meaning for me. The weekend is NOT an "off" time for us. It is an "on duty" time. That goes with our gifts and callings - which is the ministry.

Neither do I dread Monday. Monday used to be my most favorite day of the week because after a weekend of being "on duty" and having 4 children who were active in sports, I looked forward to Monday when everyone cleared out and I could shovel out the house and have some peace and quiet to restore order.

With a semi-retired husband, my house doesn't clear out as much as it used to. I also get to keep grandchildren and that is wonderful and fun!

Also, we go out of town every weekend. Our church is about 90 miles away. I lovingly call it "Oz" because it is about as close to Kansas as you can get without actually being in Kansas. The majority of our members live in Kansas.

The other day I found something at Ross that spoke to me. I bought it and it is hanging in my dressing area. I pass it many times a day.

It says Imagine your life fulfilled, Dream the impossible, Believe the best is yet to be.

I find that very empowering and encouraging during these days of uncertainty and as we age. It gives me hope.

Now I leave you with a special look at something so sweet you just can't help but smile! On his first visit to grandmama's house ....


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Thena said...

Ahhhh how sweet. Have a blessed weekend!!