Friday, January 22, 2010


I have a confession to make.... lest you think that it is related to the previous post - don't worry. I'm not about to make full confession here !

I confess that I'm addicted to Facebook. I have become a Facebookaholic. I have to have a Facebook "fix" frequently throughout the day. I used to be addicted to blogging, but I have moved on to the harder, faster stuff of Facebook. I cannot do Twitter. It makes me crazy with all the @ stuff.

That does not mean that I don't still want and need blogging. It just means that I really crave Facebook and the comments.

I want to keep up with my friends and their status. I want to be a part of their lives and leave comments. I love the immediacy of the connection. I love that I can connect with people all over the world and know that they are okay or if they need prayer, I can pray. I love that I get to know who gets married and who is expecting. I love that I can share a need or hurt or pain and receive prayer and concern and support.

I apologize that somehow I did something and now all my blogs are posted on Facebook. I don't know how I did it or how to stop it. I really don't mean to. I really do not feel that every word I write must be published around the world on Facebook. It just happens now by itself. This Facebook has taken on a whole identity and control of it's own. It is very controlling and demanding! It calls my name. It begs me to come check and see who is online and what they are doing.

I apologize that I spend more time on Facebook than I do blogging. I have gotten lazy about writing long things and reading long things. I hope to do better. I can't promise that I will. I can promise that I will try.

Thank you very much for your loyalty and love and acceptance. You are very kind not to condemn me.

I leave you now to go and check my Facebook... I'm sure that someone else has posted some that I MUST know about and respond accordingly!



Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

are you saying that there is something wrong with you if you check your facebook...oh let's say every half and hour????

It is fun seeing what everyone else is doing...


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Um, I had to write a post very much like this. I think I even used the word "Facebookaholic" in that post. Yep, when I typed it, I became sure that I did.

I know EXACTLY how you feel.

I had to get off there, or I'd be commenting with you! I have been feeling withdrawls lately. Not good.


Anonymous said...
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angie posey bartlett said...
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