Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday - a "holiday" for some

This morning I woke up thinking that I should blog. I have been trying to be more faithful at blogging and it has not been easy.

All my words seem to be vain and insightless ( that IS a word, I just made it up! It means that I lack insight - duh - like that was not as obvious as the nose on your face!)

I will let you know about our weekend. We went to Oz on Friday. I cooked a GREAT dish. Found the recipe on Southern Plate for beef tips. Easier than pie! Put cubed beef into crock pot - add packet of brown gravy and water. Cover and cook for the day. YUMMMM! So tender and juicy. I just cooked some rice and it was a hit!

It was the highlight of my weekend. Oh except for church... when I completely LOST it and laughed until I cried.

It is a small church. We have had much illness and surgery in the members lately and so our choir has dwindled ... to a group of 3... I'm in the middle - standing behind the cross. No get the picture, we have just come out and are prepared to sing our call to worship.

Our 82 year old organist begins to play something very unfamiliar. I'm thinking it is a strange intro to our song. Then I realize that she has forgotten to hit "chimes". She is just playing some random note ... about 11 times... (yeah, chiming of the hour - which she JUST started doing this year.)
So, as we are smiling among ourselves in the choir and waiting... about the 8th chime, my precious little 90 year old friend yells out from her seat on the back row ... "is it STUCK?????"
We all lost it. I laughed so hard I cried. Hugsum was sitting down and he was laughing so hard he could hardly stay in the seat!
The organist was not phased. She finished her chiming, played the intro and went straight into the song. It was a duet with a laughing hyena in the middle ... I laughed until I cried... I laughed until my "water broke"... It was hard to get it together after that!

I still giggle every time I think of it. It may be one of those times when you had to be there, but it was sure a joyous, laughing service!

Today I get to play with my newest grandson again. I am taking his mama to the doctor for her check-up. Tomorrow I start keeping my other daughter's three again because spring semester starts.

I'm blessed beyond measure. I'm busy and loved - and I love. What more can there be in life?

I pray that you are, too - enjoy your holiday (if you get to have one today).


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Irritable Mother said...

Ah, Merrie, I wasn't there, but I am laughing with you!
My grandmother is 92, and I can picture her being the one to call out, "Is it STUCK???" LOL!
Laughter is a very good thing. Thanks for sharing it today.