Monday, January 11, 2010

No Condemnation...

Lately I have been hearing lots of teaching on seeds and harvest.

I totally agree that you will receive a harvest on the seeds that you have planted. That you can expect to receive what you have planted... That is scriptural. It is a spiritual law. God will not be mocked, whatever you do will come back to you... good measure, pressed down and flowing over...

It is important to plant well and in good soil. You can expect to reap. You can expect a harvest.

What I have had a hard time with is that EVERYTHING in your life is a result of something YOU have done or not done. In other words, if bad things are going on in your life then it MUST be your fault and because of the seeds (actions) that you planted.

Recently we went through some trials. It could have been that we were reaping. It could have been that we left a back door open someplace and allowed it. It could have been something else entirely!

Those who set themselves up as judge and criticize others for battles they are in, just do not understand. They are not innocent themselves, they just haven't faced a battle.

What about the parable that Jesus tells of the farmer who planted GOOD seed and then the enemy came in during the night and planted weeds in his good seed. There was no way to tell the difference until harvest time - in other words until they began to bear fruit.

I think that one way to tell if you are reaping what you have sown or if it is something that the enemy has sown would be to look at the fruit... I mean, if it is ALL bad, then it would be something you did. If there are blessings along with the trials and sufferings, then it would be something the enemy is doing.

Either way, the end result will be good. BECAUSE, we are told that ALL things work together for good for those who are called according to HIS purpose.

I just wanted to encourage others who might be facing battles and trials. I wanted to remind us that there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are walking according to the spirit.

Also that we are not to think it strange when we are faced with trials and temptations like it were something out of the ordinary. We are to count it all joy. Our Father is working patience and character in us. He is using it for good. He will not leave us nor forsake us and He won't let it go without help and comfort.

If we are patient and faithful, we will not be put to shame. We will be vindicated and blessed. We will be able to bless others and comfort others with the same comfort we have received.

Please don't feel bad if you are having troubles, trials or battles... just know that in the end GOOD will come. We serve a good and faithful God. He has our best interest at heart and He will help us!


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