Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Winning Wednesday..

A few weeks ago a softball team was raffling a gas grill where I work. Everyone who came in had to pass the grill and most everybody bought a ticket.

The day it was put out there, I bought tickets and told everyone... "that is MY grill, you are welcome to put money in the pot and help the team, but it is MY grill!".

I anxiously awaited the drawing. Everyday, we would sell more tickets and everyday, I claimed the grill as MINE.

After all, I am moving to a house with a pool and you HAVE to have a grill by the pool - it is just unAmerican to not have a grill with your pool.

So, the day came to draw the winner. I cut my lunch short to make sure that I was there for the drawing. Hugsum even came by so that he could carry it home.

They drew and you know what???? They MISSPELLED MY NAME!!!! They put some other spelling of my name on the grill as the winner. Someone else's husband even came and picked up the grill.... I kept telling them it was MINE, but no one listened. Even though my name is not close to "Jim Collins"... I tried to figure out how they could have been so wrong!

I sure was disappointed. I sure did want that grill!

Today, they had a "going away" lunch for me. Hugsum and I went to eat and say our goodbyes to everyone. I had to turn in my key. It was an emotional time and one that I was not looking forward to. I do not "goodbye" gracefully... and tears in my eyes - well, lets' just say that I look like ummmmm - worse than you can imagine... not a pretty sight!

They really had a spread - even a chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallows - oh my goodness I was in heaven.

Then, they said ... we wanted to surprise you, but couldn't figure out how... then they uncovered IT.... yep... THE GRILL!!!!!!!!!

They bought me a grill... now I am a true American! I have a pool with a grill!

It will get lots of use - make sure you come by when you are in the neighborhood and I'll crank it up!



If any of my grands lived that way I'd be there with swimming suit, towel and appetite. Keep calling those things forth. HE heard!

Elsa said...

So next year at the children's conference..... we can all come eat at your house....are you ready?? We tend to carry a huge appetite.

Merrie said...

Just let me know when and I'll kill the fatted calf!

Linda said...

Oh, that is a wonderful story and testament to how much they think of you!

beverlydru said...

That is totally awesome that they remembered and blessed you in such a perfect way. Like lifespeaker said, HE remembered!!

The LaBouffs said...

Three cheers for cookouts by the pool :)