Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well, we are off to our first service today. Then rush back to our second Church and service. Then, we rush back to the first church.

Yesterday, they had a HUGE rummage sale and Indian Taco sale. Today at lunch they will have another Indian Taco dinner and a goodbye time for us. Next week is Memorial weekend and they always have a special service honoring their loved ones so it won't be a good time to honor us too - hummmmm, that sounds suspicious!

Earlier this week the church in town had a reception honoring us. I wondered if, since a "re"ception is when you are received, if a "de"ception is when you are departing... They said it was an "ex"ception because we are exiting. Kind words.

Later this afternoon hugsum has to go to "town" for a meeting, then when he comes back we will add all the leftover things that we can to the truck.

God is good... this is such an emotional time. ... sad and happy all at once!

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