Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I still need to do before I move...

1. Finish packing - food, toiletries, computers, clothes, water distiller, ice maker, etc... (everything we are still using)
2. Finish working - last day is the 16th
3. Finish ironing clothes so I can finish packing them
4. Clean out all the closets (wipe shelves and sweep out)
5. Clean out all cabinets (wipe out)
6. Clean floors (sweep, vacuum, mop)
7. Clean tub (SCRUB!), Clean toilets (well, you know...)
8. Clean ceilings, fans, light fixtures
9. Clean mirrors
10. Clean porches (sweep, get dirt dobber nests down) hose down walls and floor)
11. Clean blinds and windows
12. Clean woodwork (baseboards, door facings, doors, window sills)
13. Clean refrigerator (empty containers, clean drawers, top, doors)


The Preacher's Wife said...

Wow, you just wore me out! LOL

The LaBouffs said...

That's a WHOLE lot of cleaning to do! At least, you are pretty much packed up. It won't be long now....


I pray that the Lord under girds you and gives you added strenght...maybe he could send a couple angels while you sleep to do some of the stuff :-)

Linda said...

I was just thinking what Lisa The Preacher's Wife said! I used to go and go like that, but now, not so much. I guess if you have a project like moving, you don't have a choice!