Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things in no particular order that I need to do and some I can't wait to do...

1. Go swimming and cook on my new grill
2. Pack the few things left in my pantry and clean the shelves
3. Clean the light fixtures and make sure all the lights work
4. Wash the windows in the living room
5. Sweep off the patio
6. Put the grill together
7. Strip the wallpaper and paint my new house
8. Have the family over for hamburgers (cooked on my new grill by my pool...)
9. Write thank you notes
10. Load up the truck and unload and then unpack
11. Change our address at the post office
12. Sweep, mop and vacuum all the floors
13. Scrub the bathrooms ONE more time


The LaBouffs said...

I bet I know which ones you can't wait to do....definitely scrub the bathrooms and sweep, mop, and vacuum...your FAVORITE things;) I'll be here to help with some of the other things like unpack, paint, swim, and eat hamburgers! Got any steaks?!

Merrie said...

yep, you know me well ... steaks??? to hold up all the new plants I'm planting?
ohhhh yeah, to eat on the grill by the pool???? Definately!