Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday moving progress

We are getting close!

The "state" of my house is what you would call "strewn from top to bottom". Everything is either in an open box that is waiting for things we are still using, or sitting out because we are still using them and can't be put in a box yet.

BUT, everything is out of all the cabinets, drawers and closets (well, a few clothes are still hanging around).

The ironing board is set up / clothes to be ironed piled high :(

Furniture is pulled out from the wall so that I can get behind it to clean baseboards.

The refrigerator is sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. We have had problems with it leaking since we moved here. We know it is in the ice/water part and have tried over and over to fix it. Now, the ice maker and water dispenser is completely shut off.
A "hump" appeared in front of the refrigerator... we figured it is because the water was leaking and the floor was warping. This is NOT a good thing since the floor is new and less than a year old. We thought that since the floor is still flat UNDER the refrigerator that we would roll it over the hump and maybe the heat from the refrigerator, minus the leaking water, would flatten out the floor again .... that is the plan and the hope.

Fortunately for the new pastor and family, they are buying a new refrigerator so they will have ice and water and no hump!

We are counting down the days... Saturday (busy), Sunday (busy) and then Monday we load up and Tuesday we close on the house and unload... We will return here the end of the week for our last Sunday here. I am not looking forward to that day. It is always so hard to leave the people you love and have been a part of their lives.

That's where we are now and then today... continue to straighten, organize, combine... take Andy to the vet, pick up a new/used computer, balance the checkbook, change our address at the post office, go to the German Club and then to high school graduation.

The pressure is ON!

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The LaBouffs said...

I can hear the music in the background from the Lone Ranger (i think that's where it's from). LOTS to be done...but you are SO close to it all being said and done with :)