Thursday, May 22, 2008

We are HERE!

Well, we are here in our OWN home! What can I say except... hallelujah and PRAISE THE LORD!
We closed on Tuesday morning. While we were closing our daughter and her husband and two kids were at the house waiting on us. As soon as we got here the men unloaded the truck and the girls began cleaning and unpacking.
We also began to strip wallpaper... lots of stuff going on...
Later our other daughter and her husband brought us pizza for supper and helped us. Also our son and his family came and he put our grill together and the girls unpacked more kitchen stuff...
Our oldest son brought us the stuff we had stored at his house and also a steamer to get the wallpaper off easier.
I just wandered around in a daze trying to figure it all out.

Today, we are having a cookout by the pool! Wanna come? The burgers will be ready about 6!


Elsa said...

No fair!! Pool side company with the Posey family would be awesome!! To bad you live to far away!! Have a burger for me.

mandy said...

i've been on vacation - and am now catching up on blogs. whew.
you have tired me out - these past few days have been CRAZY for you!!!!



So glad to know you are in! ONYA

The Madrerohons said...

Congratulations!! Yippie! Heaven on earth... being close to all the kids and grandkids in your OWN home! Only wish we were closer! Love you!