Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday progress...

We are getting there!

By God's divine intervention (and hugsum's persistence) we were able to pick up the truck last night instead of waiting until Monday morning at 9.

We didn't have anyone who could help us to load up on Monday, so we (he) was seeing if it was possible to get the truck on Saturday (today) so that we could get some help. After some figuring, they found one for us and the dealer said to come on and get it then... hallelujah!

We missed going to the graduation, but we did get the truck. The redeeming factor is that we didn't have any graduating from our church - or really any that we knew personally.

We did get to go to the German Club for schnitzel! YUMMMMMMM - so good!

Back to the truck... we drove in with it about 9 pm and I had to direct the backing into the driveway so that the fence and VERY low lines were missed ... no easy task for a hard couple who doesn't communicate well w/ hand signals. We only ran into the fence once (no damage) and only stretched the lines a little... but nothing was hurt....

We then proceeded to load boxes. I must admit that hugsum is a master packer. He plans and organizes and very carefully stacks like boxes together according to weight and "tries" to put the fragile ones on top.

He finally decided to stop about 10:30, but then remembered that the lock was in a box he had had me tape up and bring to him... so he got the flashlight and went back out to the truck. Then, he called and asked me to bring the tape to him because he was having to open boxes to find "the" one. (yes, it was labeled, but it was dark and he couldn't read )

So I dutifully got the tape and walked up the ramp (this is a BIG truck and it is high)... I was looking down because I hate walking up the ramp and always feel like I'm about to fall off... so I was being very careful when BAM! I ran right smack into the door! It was not opened all the way... I knocked my glasses and banged up my head... of course, hugsum laughed and I cried. I am okay and only a small knot and little red, but no huge black and blue thing.

He knew it was not opened all the way and had ducked down to get in and thought I knew it... but it was dark and I couldn't tell.... I'll make sure I look good next time!

This morning, he got up early and by 6 or 6:30 was out in the truck loading again. about 8 someone drove by and asked if he could help. It was my former boss and president of the bank. He got a GREAT workout!l They were able to fill up the truck and it is completely loaded - except for the last minute things we will add Monday morning, like food and clothes, etc.

We will have to get another truck next weekend. We still have two entertainment center things, a sofa, love seat, recliner 2 rockers, 4 bookshelves, buffet table, piano, desk, queen mattresses, some odd chairs and stuff like that. ... If we only had a trailer, we could get it ALL up there at once, but at least now when we come back next weekend we will have a place to sleep and sit...

Well, that's where we are today. We can relax some tonight and tomorrow we have a meeting for the district... Monday, we get to finish and can "load um up and head um out"!

Don't know when I'll have internet connected, so, not sure when I'll be back online.... but know I'll be thinking of you!

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