Thursday, November 5, 2009

Eating Out At LongHorn -

If you work for or are associated with LongHorn, I'm sorry. I do not mean this personally. I'm just sharing my experience.

When we were in Georgia last week I met a friend a LongHorn's for lunch. I had not been to a LongHorn in a long time. We had a great time that day. I enjoying visiting with my friend and meeting a new friend. It was a wonderful experience. My meal was delicious!

I talked about the salad that I had gotten so much that Hugsum decided that he wanted one, too. It was on a special menu. It was a grilled vegetable and chicken salad. It was huge and sooooooo good!

So, we went to the LongHorn here. It is only a year old. There were only like 4 or 5 cars there. The place was practically empty. It seemed strange considering most restaurants in town have waits of at least 15 - 30 minutes and many are longer. But, we walked right in and we were OVERLY greeted.... very strange. They were just trying so hard to be friendly. I can't explain it, but I almost turned and walked out. Anyway, we were seated immediately and there was NO ONE else on our side of the restaurant. Again, I wanted to turn around and say, "thank you, but I changed my mind".

Then our waitress was also overly animated and way too friendly. I explained that I had been in Georgia last week and had eaten a grilled vegetable and chicken salad that was on their menu, but I didn't see it tonight. She smiled and assured me that they had the EXACT salad, but were redoing their menus. So, I ordered that. Then Hugsum also ordered it.

She looked confused and said, "so, you would like this as your meal?" Well, yeah, it was a huge salad...

She brought us half a loaf of bread... I might add a SMALL loaf. We were hungry and inhaled it. She came and very dramatically asked if we'd like another half loaf. (like either we were pigs or they were very generous) We said, "no, thank you". (but in reality, I could have eaten about 4 of those suckers!)

When she brought our salads they were very small... a side salad and had no chicken. She came back to check on us. I said, "where is the chicken?" She looked confused and said, "it doesn't come with chicken!"

Anyway, we went back and forth and I repeated that I had asked for a grilled CHICKEN and vegetable salad. She said, they didn't carry that one. She made me feel like an idiot.

She went to the kitchen and then came back and said, "the problem is that you didn't ASK for chicken to be on the salad. But, I can tell the guys to grill some and bring it out to put on it."

Well, the problem is, it was a SMALL side salad... It tasted delicious, but it was small. We did not want chicken on the side... it was not what we described or asked for.

Anyway, we left hungry and frustrated. Everyone there was hyped up and overly enthusiastic in whatever they said or did making it seem disingenuous. I felt very uncomfortable the entire time.

So, for over $20 we got half a small loaf of bread, 2 side salads and 2 glasses of tea and did not enjoy the atmosphere.

Yeah, we won't be back...


Thena said...

Have yall got a Texas Roadhouse. To me it's like Longhorn but alot cheaper in price. Don't know about the salads but the steak, bread and blooming onions are great.

Lindsay said...

i hate when stuff like that happens! such a bummer! It makes me especially sad b/c it has happened to us when we cant even afford to be eating out...and we will be on a date- ruins a perfectly good evening.hope you are well besides that xoxox