Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blessings Galore!

We have had such nice beautiful weather! I don't remember the leaves being so pretty last year. Everywhere I look there is color. I'm enjoying it... Did I mention that coming home from Georgia last week that the Ozarks had beautiful leaves?

Well, I digress...

Thankfully, it has been in the 70's this week. We still don't have our gas turned on. They are coming tomorrow to fix our problem. The grandkids have loved all the little flags in our yard marking the utility lines. I'm sure they will enjoy watching the activity on the patio while they tear it up and fix it.

They are relocating our meter to the side of the house - under the patio. This means that our plans to enclose it are trashed. The meter is presently out by the fence. We would like for it to remain there. However... if it does, then we get to pay a plumber to come and fix our line. If they put it on the side of the house, then the gas company will be responsible for the line - inside and out. So, it really is a blessing.... really... yes, it is!

Yesterday, Hugsum was heading to Oz and also to Joplin, then back home. First he went to work out and take a shower there (remember, we have no hot water). I had gone to our daughter's house to shower and wash my hair. About the time I got out of the shower, he called. His car wouldn't start.

After doing all that we needed to do, it did start and he drove it to Oz. Our good friends own a car dealership and he left our car to be fixed and borrowed one of theirs to drive to Joplin and then home. What a blessing! They are such wonderful, kind, generous people. They take good care of us and bless us.

He got to Joplin to visit in the hospital and realized he had left his pike pass and money in the other car. So, he didn't know how he was going to get home. Thankfully, another friend was at the hospital and lent him some money so he could come home.

In the middle of all this, God's blessings abound. His peace and joy and love overflow. His windows are open and pouring forth.

I love it .... I love that God is faithful. He is exceeding abundantly above ALL that we ask or think. He is not surprised by any of this. He has already made the provision and blessing available.

We serve an AWESOME God!

Blessings ~

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Thena said...

I'm in South Georgia and our leaves still haven't turned. It was in the low 80's earlier in the week.