Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baking Memory

I am baking cookies. Yesterday I mixed them up and baked one pan. Today, I'm baking another pan. I'm trying hard not to bake lots of them. We are all watching our weight and sugar intake.

These are actually fairly healthy... okay, don't laugh... they are oatmeal with whole wheat flour and flax seed.... plus nuts and a few chocolate chips... okay, sugar, too!

As I was mixing them up yesterday I had a flashback that brought a smile to my face and a chuckle.

Years and YEARS ago when the children were little we lived in Albany, Georgia. I had a great friend that lived right down the street from me. At that time, she had 3 children (the 4th was born a little later). Our children were close and loved playing together.

This particular memory of me baking cookies involves these friends. I had mixed up the cookie dough and her children lined up with their hands together reaching out. It took me a minute, but I soon figured it out... they wanted me to put cookie dough in their hands. They ate almost the entire batch of cookies before they were baked!

I laughed and laughed at them. They didn't want the baked cookies, just the dough. (I bet their favorite ice cream is "cookie dough"...)

This morning as I was baking another pan of cookies and stuck a bite of cookie dough in my mouth, I remembered again... smiled and chuckled and took another bite of dough for my good friends who have now grown up and are experiencing a wonderful, fulfilling life far from south Georgia.

Thanks, Sherry for the gift of your children and the blessing they have been to me!



Pam said...

It is amazing what precious memories smells and tastes can bring forth. Thanks for sharing you blessings of baking cookies.

Lazy Daisy said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday. I had a wonderful birthday with Mr. Wonderful (even though he's not a good shopper!)

It's nice to know we have a lot in common. I love this post about baking cookies, it made me smile too.

Thanks for listing me among your favorite blogs...I'm flattered!

I read a great quote yesterday that I'll pass on to you. I'm claiming it and thought you might like it too...." Grace with wrinkles is adorable" Your adorable ! Grace and Peace! Daisy

Jessie at Blog Schmog said...

So are my cinnamon rolls "healthy" since I used brown rice flour. It's a WHOLE GRAIN! ;)