Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday rambly things

This is third Friday.... meaning covered dish fellowship meal and a long weekend at our "weekend parsonage".

I am cold... we turn the heat way down to save energy and money. When we get here, it is either very hot or very cold... today, it is very cold! It doesn't take long to heat it up, but for the first hour, it is shivering cold! I am always tempted to crawl under the covers and try to warm up. Today, I have a little more to do and I don't have time... even though I did plan ahead and cook my meat yesterday and my brownies this morning. (I know you are so proud of me!)

But, I have to warm up the meat and add bbq sauce to it. I hope I can get the oven on to warm it. I don't like microwaved meat. It changes the texture, taste and nutrients... I know, I'm a snob...

A couple of months ago I did the Angel Food ministry thing. It was the third month I did it. Since I was the only one doing it, I decided to do two... yeah... my freezer has been full. That's been nice, but we don't eat everything we get... like um unnamed hotdogs made of unknown things. But, we did get two very nice pork loins. I had been waiting to cook them for such a time as this. I don't normally eat pork. It is more of a health issue than anything else. If I don't THINK about it, I'm okay.... but yesterday as I was thinking I was having a hard time with it...

Oh well, it did smell good.

Today I pulled it apart and plan to pour bbq sauce on it. I just don't think I'll be eating it. I hope they enjoy it.

Then I fixed brownies. They smelled good, too. I'd be glad to share pictures - but I don't have any and I have been having this bad trouble dealing with pictures and posts... it taxes my skills and patience and I just don't want to deal with it today - sorry.

Back to the brownies... many many years ago (all the kids were small) I happened upon a Hershey's 5 minute Deep Dish Brownie recipe. (It mixes up in 5 minutes). It is easier and cheaper than a mix... and I think it is better. My son-in-law prefers a more milk chocolate brownie than these, but that's okay... I still love him very much! He doesn't like nuts in them either.... again, okay... it is his preference and he is loved very much and I respect that about him. However, he isn't here and he isn't going to be eating any of these, so I did it my - and yes, I was singing when I typed that.

All of that to say, we (hugsum and I) aren't' going to be eating anything I brought. Sad, but true. We are on a "diet"... trying to watch and cut back. I hate to admit that I've been gaining and my clothes are becoming tight and uncomfortable. I guess it is because I have been trying to be cute and when someone asked how I was doing I would cutely say, "fat and sassy"... not good. It has caught up with me. So now I'm changing my tune and saying, "sweet and thin"!

Yes, this is a long say nothing blog...Thanks for reading it... hope you have a great and wonderful weekend...

Oh, lest I forget... Carol, at I Throw Like A Girl is having a neat giveaway for Progresso Perfect Recipe Gift Basket. You need to go and check her out!

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