Thursday, November 20, 2008

15 Things I'm Not Afraid to Admit

ADHD Me blog, has a fun meme that I got from Beverly at Dancing With Daffodils. She admitted one... the new found friend over at ADHD... admitted to 16... So, I guess there are no hard and fast rules, except to admit things...

So, here goes... I'm going to try this...

1. I love my husband. Even though I know he reads this some times... he doesn't always so this isn't a "have to" thing... Not that he is perfect - even though I "know" that I am (jk) , he loves me anyway... we do enjoy laughing and having fun... and eating out... which brings me to number 2...

2. I love to eat out. I don't really care where it is. I'm just as happy eating at Wendy's or Chick-fil-A as I am a nice expensive place. Well, truth be known, I'd rather not waste all the money on those big expensive places. For our anniversary we went to a very nice place and afterward I thought, "man, I could have used all that money to do.... (other things)". But, because he loves me (see #1) he wanted to bless me.

3. I hate cold weather. I much prefer the nice warm (hot) summer. I hate to have to put on layers and layers of clothes. By the time you put on enough to stay warm, you can't move and besides that, you look about 4 sizes larger! And to go to the bathroom... well, we won't go there!

4. Related to #4 and looking larger, I'm looking larger for another reason... I've been enjoying eating out (see #2) and I've been eating way too much! I love cookies... I love sweets...

5. I also love fruit... which does not undo #4... I love cookies just as much..

6. I like to shop. I get so excited with finding a good deal! My favorite places to buy clothes are Ross, TJ Maxx, the Crate (we don't have these where I live now)... It does me so much good to wear a beautiful new outfit and get lots of compliments and know that I paid less than $20 for that look... like Sunday - I had on a new outfit that I got last spring at Ross... It is a NICE 3 piece suit (pants, skirt and jacket)... it was on sale for less than $20 plus I bought it on Tuesday
so I got an extra discount for being older (nuff said about that). I loved that I got a ton of compliments and even hugsum said it was a very "classy" outfit and I looked great! (that's worth less than $20 any day!)

7. I love to sew! Back in the day I sewed all my clothes. I even designed some. I got to be pretty good. But, other things took over my life and I quit sewing. In high school my favorite class was "home ec"... the cooking and sewing classes were tops! I got so much pleasure and it was somehow therapeutic for me to sew. Yesterday we (daughter and I) made sock monkeys... you should go and check out her blog to see...

8. I hated school. I was miserable going to school. I was so shy that I wouldn't say a word. I would "be sick" so I could get out of giving reports ... I would not answer any questions in class even though I knew the answer... sad, I know. Thankfully, I'm not so shy and fearful anymore.

9. I miss my parents. They are still living and healthy. They just live so far away. I enjoy talking with them, but sometimes it hurts so much that I don't call. Mama is sweeter than ever. She just doesn't always know who I am. When she does it is such a gift. I miss my parents knowing my grandchildren and enjoying them. I also miss that my grandchildren don't know my parents. They are missing a great blessing!

10. I love Christmas. I want to hear "Merry Christmas" and not "Happy Holidays". I love to decorate for Christmas and love my house when it is all decked out. I have way too many decorations, and the sad thing is that every time I go to a store I see MORE that I would love to have. I have lots of my Mama's decorations. She quit decorating a few years ago and told me to go to her attic and get whatever I wanted. So, I obeyed! (Children, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right that you may live a long life and it will go well with you!)

11. I dread getting all my Christmas stuff out and packing it back up (see #10). It takes a huge amount of time to get it down, unpack it and put it out and then repack it. One of the things that made it hard for me was moving so much. Figuring out how to decorate a new/different house takes time. And then repacking to make sure that IF we moved, my priceless decorations would not be broken...

12. I love my family. I'm so blessed with my children. They have all made me so proud. If I could have hand picked them, I would have chosen them! The neat thing is that they are all so different from each other - yet so much alike. Each has a unique personality and purpose... they are so much fun! And... they married well... Their choices for mates is just as unique... Yes, we are very blessed! I love them all!

13. I'm crazy about my grandchildren! Have I said how thankful I am to be close to them and to be able to keep them? Well, let me tell you... I am beyond blessed! Again, they are all so different and wonderful! I don't have a favorite - my favorite is the one I'm with! Yeah, I'm a happy woman!

14. I have great friends... all over the place! The neat thing is keeping in touch with friends from my childhood. Not being able to see them often hasn't stopped the friendships. Thank goodness for the internet - it keeps friendships alive!

15. I love my computer and being online... I've been accused of spending too much time online - imagine what I could get done if I were not sitting here typing and reading for hours! Oh well, it keeps me happy... I wouldn't be connected with you if I were folding clothes instead of blogging and emailing... right??? doesn't that justify it all?? I think so!

Well, in keeping with the no rules... just decide for yourself if you want to do this and then leave me a comment so I can come read... I would do the Mr. Linky... but I haven't figured it out and I don't have time now... I've got to do laundry and iron! drat! I'm not afraid to admit that I do NOT like doing laundry or vacuuming!


lmerie said...

Fun! After next week I might try to do this one :)

I don't mind getting the laundry started or even folding. Part I am not afraid to admit to is - I hate putting it up - I WANT it up,like how everything looks when it is up, just hate that step!

You will have to post Christmas pics - I love Christmas time and the decorations - just hate putting it back up.

mandy said...

I can definitely relate to #8!