Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen of my favorite Christmas Decorations (of the ones I have out this year)

1. My Santa Claus that says "Merry Christmas" that lights up is also a favorite of the children who come to visit.
2. Our very first Nativity Scene... the little lamb climbing the stairs is missing a front paw, thanks to a puppy who loves "lamb"... also, the donkey in the loft is mysteriously missing an ear and "nobody" ever knew what happened to it.
3. Another version of our oldest Nativity... this one was given to us in thanks for many MANY visits and prayers for a newborn son who was not supposed to live... he is now 4 years old and doing wonderfully. This is a testimony and reminder of God's love and healing power.
4. This is my hugsum's least favorite of everything I have. He hates it. I bought it almost 20 years ago with my $25 bonus from my part time job. It has several broken paddles that just barely hang on. I didn't find the candles this year. It tells the whole story of the birth of Jesus, complete with the angels, and shepherds and wise men... and it goes round and round.

5. This is my "newest" bought ornament. I got it at the local craft/antique store. It is a bright lime green in case you can't see... it glitters. It was just fun and I didn't have anything else like it. It was all of 75 cents... :)
6. This was given to us this year. It is a picture of the little white church in the snow, a sweet gift of love.
7. My Santa worshiping Jesus is precious to me. It was a gift from our youngest daughter many years ago. I have gotten lots of criticism from people because they don't think that Jesus and Santa should be together. I, obviously, disagree. St. Nick was a godly man who set the example of Christan love and generosity.
8. These are just some ceramic figures I got years ago that have a special place in my heart. One of them got cracked in the move, but, I just sat it out anyway. I also love the topiary...
9. The table decoration from our open house is still beautiful even though the candles and scrunched tablecloth are missing. I think it still looks pretty on the green place mat.

10. A very special chip and dip dish that I have not had the courage to use yet. I can't imagine trying to get the dip out of all the detail crevices all over it. It usually sits on my mantle, but this year, we don't have a mantle, so it just sits on my counter (or stove top as it is now - since I don't cook much)
11. My Jim Shore nativity set and ceramic tree that lights up. The tree is special because hugsum loves it. He literally stopped mid street to show me one in someones window because he loved it so much. When I found this one at a church bazaar for 50 cents I grabbed it up one July.
12. These are the Jim Shore wise men. The entire story of the birth of Christ is carved into them. They are so pretty to me and quite large. They stand on the floor. I'd love to have the entire Nativity set, but am thrilled to have these!
13. The Jim Shore Santa... he has the 12 days of Christmas carved on him. I didn't realize that until just the other day when I had an opportunity to sit and stare at him.
Merrie Christmas!


Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...
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The LaBouffs said...

Those are some great decorations! You've gotten so many new things within the recent years, I forget all about them and I really like them! Sorry we couldn't make it down to see them in person:(

Linda said...

I had #7, my nail tech gave it to me years ago. It broke several times; finally this year I had to throw it away. you have beautiful ornaments.

Anonymous said...
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Maggie said...

Wow! I am in awe of your decorations. That was such a delight.

I LOVE the picture of Santa bowing to Jesus. I will make a post of that with a link to you. I love that image. I, like you, enjoy incorporating the example of Christ-likeness through the "original Santa" into our Christmas. We don't go overboard with pretense and pretending, but the kids enjoy the game of it nonetheless. We don't go to lengths to deceive them, but we try to carry the magical spirit of Christmas and secret giving to those we love and care about all across the world.

Thanks for sharing!

Maggie said...

Oh, and I'd never seen "shore", but I love those, too!!!

Maggie said...

I can't figure out how to get my wordpress link to show yet with this new blogger sign in thingy they've just released