Tuesday, December 4, 2007

...and panic sets in!

The last line of my last post said something about me decorating faster "IF" someone would come and visit... hint, hint!

Famous last words.... ahhhhhh

This morning as I was walking into work, my sweet hugsum called and said, "we are having an open house on Saturday, Dec 15"...

ummm - again... PANIC!!!!

So, I have already confessed my lack of enthusiasm for decorating this year and the shortcomings and hindrances.

Yesterday when I got home from work, my sweet hugsum was sweeping out the garage and had hung wreaths outside on the front windows. I guess I should have known something was in the works.

So, now I tackle my filthy house and get it spotless and decorate... and fix refreshments. Now, I'm sure that the special someone who scheduled the open house is thinking that all I have to do is announce it and open the doors and show people around. He is not aware of all that goes into it. Especially does he not even consider the fact of FOOD... somehow that always manages to magically show up at certain times of the day with no preparation or explanation.

So, I need your prayers... your inspiration, your suggestions for quick, easy, simple, cheap refreshments that will make a huge bang and impression!


Linda said...

Oh dear. i feel your pain. I have no advice to offer because this is the aspect of womanhood at which I stink: entertaining. I have faith in you, though! You can do it!

Anonymous said...

spice nuts! to make the house smell like christmas! You'll be a smashing hit as always! love ya.

Merrie said...

That's what Beka said, too! You must be sistas! - that and Chinese Rocks. Daddy doesn't like either one very much so I'm safe making them ahead!


Oh my. I know you will do a great job but can understand how challenging this feels. If you have good apples or other fruits you can take vanilla yogurt and lo-fat cream cheese. Blend them thoroughly together add splenda or spenda-r along with some cinnamon, nutmeg or mace...whatever you like. It makes a great fruit dip.

mandy said...

Christmas Punch:

mix Hawaiian punch and ginger ale or sprite together = red liquid

then drop in some scoops of lime sherbet = green foam!