Sunday, December 16, 2007

Open House Ready!

Well, the big day is here! I can now breath.... almost!

My day started early so that I can make sure that I have everything in place. I'm doing a "first" for me. We have a covered dish lunch today after church and I did not fix anything! I just ran out of time.

God had mercy on us with the weather and our snow was all blown away before noon. It is still cold, but we didn't have ice and snow to deal with on top of that. I am very thankful.

Now, we have 2 church services, a children's program and Christmas party,a covered dish meal (which I'm praying for an abundance since I am not doing my part ... which is to carry dishes and bring them back home almost untouched). Then there is the band concert and the church across the street is having an open house and then our open house and then another Christmas party at our other church.... yeah, a busy day, but a blessed and happy one!

Here are some pictures of my humble attempts at decorating.

This is a picture of my kitchen table. A friend came over and decorated it for me. Those little green dishes were my mother's and they have tea lights in them, which I HOPE to remember to light!

This is the den/kitchen... you can see I have the bar set up and ready for the food... also, Andy is in his favorite spot on the back of my chair.
The living room with my skinny tree and a few presents so it doesn't look so bare.
The master bedroom
The corner of living room with my flute - which I even played when I took it out of it's case. Of course, it was not a song I played... only some flute sounds - not exactly notes.
This is the day the Lord has made and I WILL rejoice and be glad IN it, (and when it is over!)

Merrie Christmas!!!!


Dana said...

WOW! First off, I LOVE your house with all of the Christmassy decorations! So beautiful!

Secondly, I must say I am VERY impressed - you play the flute, too! Next time I see you, I will bring MY flute and we can play a lovely duet! Or at least a few notes! HA HA! :)

Jeffcoat House said...

NICE! I think it looks great. You did a great job!!

Linda said...

Your home is just beautiful. Those hardwood floors are amazingly shiny! Wonderful tour. Thank you! ps: I used to play flute!