Friday, December 14, 2007

Snow??? I don't think so!

Well, today all day "they" were talking about all the bad weather we are expecting. Everyone seemed to be excited because it had been predicted that we would be getting 9 inches of snow!!!! Well, some people said that it would only be 6 inches, but the general consensus was 9 inches.

There was all kinds of talk about it. The basketball games were even canceled because the other team didn't think they would be able to get back home after the game.

Okay, so it is after 10 tonight. We have had rain, rain and more rain. No snow.

I'll post pictures tomorrow of all our snow!

Goodnight, I'm going to bed because I'm tired of waiting for it and I have LOTS to do tomorrow to tie up all the lose ends before the OPEN HOUSE! (insert much panic here)...

I'll apply my favorite scripture at this point... "this too, shall PASS"...

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