Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Okay, so we have had an ice storm here. It started on Sunday. Sprinkle, slush, slide.... (sorry no pictures - I just forgot my camera when I braved the elements!)

The first sign that we were having weather was that I lost my internet connection. That was very disconcerting for me since I could not check my email, or blog. Talk about interrupting my world! Let's get real here! What is most important? Shouldn't it be the internet?

Oh well, to make matters worse, when I got to work, we were not able to get on line there either! Customers wanted their balances... printouts of their accounts, we needed to know if they had money in their accounts before we cashed the checks... Well, it wasn't that big a deal, all 5 of the customers all day were very understanding. After all, they had bundled up and braved in the elements JUST for that purpose.

Our daughter #3 called early Monday to tell me that she was feeling horrible and their power went off about 2 that morning. The kids were in the bed with them and they were all COLD. The almost 2 year old did not understand the concept of staying under the covers to be warm. He wanted to get up and play!

They ALMOST came down here to stay. But, the roads were much too icy between them and me. I was disappointed.

But after trying to get into the motel where they had made reservations, and finding it closed because they didn't have power either, daughter #4 opened her home to them to stay.

Well, I could go on and on about the fact that all the kids lost the power... except the youngest. It does me proud that they were staying in each other's homes. Son #1 lost his power on Sunday night and went to stay with son #2. ... who lost his electricity Monday afternoon... but, thankfully, they have a working fireplace AND wood, so they stayed warm.

Today, it warmed up to about 40, so the ice melted where we are. But, the internet still was not working at work and so I just got the day off! Hallelujah and Praise the Lord! I loved it! I got some of the deep cleaning done in preparation for the open house on Sunday and I got to go town and shop. I actually got some Christmas shopping done... the first!

I have heard from people "back home in Georgia". My dear friend shared with me yesterday that it was 82 degrees!!!! Do you understand that was over 50 degrees difference!!!!! That is just wrong! I'm sorry, but just wrong! Here I am freezing and they are fighting off gnats and sweat. The good thing is, though - I am finally getting to really wear my Christmas sweaters and enjoy them!

Hope your world is going great... I'm working on peace and contentment in the midst of sloppy slush!
Merry Christmas!



Thank God you are OK. I got into your blog to see if you had posted about the storm. Blessings of Father's continued protection for you and your family.

The Preacher's Wife said...

Wow, I'm glad everyone is okay and were able to get to a warm place. Yes, in GA we are supposed to hit 80 again today! South Georgia wouldn't know what to do with ice and snow! LOL My kids were sure love to see some though.

mandy said...

its heading OUR way now!!!