Sunday, December 2, 2007


Well, the Christmas season is here! I am finally in the middle of decorating. I know that I have said earlier that it was not certain that I would decorate this year. I LOVE Christmas and I love to decorate. When we moved out here, we moved about 20 big plastic bins of Christmas decorations along with 6 trees and several other boxes. They all went to the storage unit.

A couple of weeks ago I went garage sale-ing and bought a 6 foot trim line tree with lights on it. I only paid $10. I figured that would satisfy me and the need to decorate. I didn't know if I would be able to get my decorations here, especially the big tree because I can't pick it up. Besides, I knew that my big tree just would be too tall and too wide - well, just too big! So, I thought at least I would have a tree to show in the window.

Then last weekend, my sweet husband brought some of my bins to the house. He said all he left was the Christmas china and the linens.

This gets long so bear with me... I am used to a HUGE tree with literally thousands of lights and ornaments. I decorate for a week and then it takes me 2 weeks to get it all packed back up. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Chistmas and love to decorate for it???

When I was at my parents a few Christmases ago Mama asked if I wanted any of her ornaments. I was thrilled to acquire some precious old ornaments and decorations from my childhood. She had not put up any decorations for years and didn't plan to again. It was sad to me because she also loves Christmas, but I understand the overwhelming task of getting out, putting up and then repacking.

I have lovingly put Mama's decorations on my tree every year since then, along with ornaments that I have collected through the years from places we have lived and people have blessed me with beautiful decorations.

Here, my house and living room is not the same size, so my nice big tree just won't fit even though it is now in the box in my garage. So... I put the small tree up.

Much to my dismay - it was short, VERY thin, and had ORANGE lights. and well, very UGLY! I had to cut off the lights. They were so tightly wound around the branches that they would not come off otherwise. Thankfully, they were not the ones that are made on the tree, but were strings of lights. I got the tree from a divorced lady and as I was cutting off the strands of lights, I had a thought that THIS could be the reason for divorce! Someone wound and wound and WOUND the lights around over and over ... binding up the branches so tightly... well, enough said!

So, I added my lights and some ornaments. I used maybe a 5th of what I normally put on the tree and it is covered. There are only a few hundred lights instead of thousands. There are few spots left empty and I still don't have anything on top. My topper is way too big and overpowers the tree - so, I need to find something a little smaller.

Here are a couple of pictures - so far of the decoration process... much more to be done!

This is one when you squinch your eyes together and make the lights all fuzzy... at least that is the explanation of why the lights are not clear. Surely it has nothing to do with the photographer moving the camera!
I'll show more decorations as I get them up and in place... I'm working on it and getting more and more in the Christmas mood. I would work faster if someone was coming to visit. HINT HINT!


The LaBouffs said...

Wow....what a skinny tree! That is so unlike any tree I've EVER seen at your house!(Remember it's only temporary.) Even though the tree is skinny, you still decorated it beautifully!

Dana said...

I love your skinny tree! Sooo pretty! You are an amazing decorator!

Fa la la la la! :)

Dana (Del Turco...Mia's Mom...Beka's Coolest Friend):)