Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday

Well, I have started a new job. I now work at a bank. I have never worked at a bank, but I have had a bank account almost all my life! I've found that it is very different.

Banking has a whole language and set of initials that are much different than what I am used to.

Example... they kept talking about "denominations". Well, OBVIOUSLY, to a Pastor's wife "I" knew what that meant... Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran.... nope - not to BANKERS... they mean ones, fives, tens, etc.... That is just one of the areas of miscommunication I have and then have to stop and REthink what I'm hearing.

They just throw around all these initials... "gl", " gsl", "fdic", etc. I have no idea what they mean. I have asked, but still don't understand. I need it broken down in real simple terms... give me steps, give me plain English!

I enjoy working there. It is a great place to work and everyone is so nice and helpful. It is like a big family. Everyone there knows EVERYONE who comes in the door... that is except me, I only know the Methodists who come in. That is the good thing because I get to know other people. I am excited because it opens my world. I feel a part of the community more. I love where I am!

I am learning. I am growing. I am being stretched! At 57 (almost 58) it is more challenging to begin learning a whole new way of thinking. I love it! It is a challenge!

It is a wonderful Wednesday ... yes, it is what we used to call "hump day" - meaning it is the middle of the week and headed toward the weekend.

We have this weekend off. It is very rare to have a weekend. It is the first one since we moved here. I am excited. I don't know what we will do, but maybe we will get to see grandbabies! I think we need some good sweet sugar from those precious little ones!

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The LaBouffs said...

Yeah!! Please come see your grandkids...and me, too:) I'm glad you are enjoying your'll enjoy it even more when you get paid :)