Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday Two

Requesting prayer for two cousins.

1. On my Daddy's side of family please pray for one cousin's son, Scott. He has just had surgery for a brain tumor. He is facing a long battle to recovery. But, praise the Lord, they were able to remove the tumor. Please lift up his parents and family. Thirty years ago his younger brother died with the exact same thing. His brother was about 10 months old. The family is struggling with fear and the grief all over again.

2. On my Mama's side a cousin lost her son. He was 31 and lost the battle against viral pneumonia. Please lift up Loretta. She and her family need much prayer.

Thank you! What would we do without the comfort and peace and help of Jesus! He is faithful.

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Nancy Skinner said...

First of all, I will pray for all of your family. Second, this is a great way to keep us long distance friends informed of your going's and doing's.
Nancy Skinner