Monday, September 24, 2007


Conjugated Linoleic Acid = CLA

You can get it easily. It is sometimes sold with the vitamins, sometimes with the weight loss aids, and sometimes sold with the sports/muscle building products.

It almost always has "tonalin" on the bottle.

CLA is great for losing weight. It fights - helps get rid of- the fat around the waist because it increases the basal metabolic rate. That just means that your body burns fat. But, the important thing is that it is burning the fat around the middle. That is the dangerous fat that causes so many health problems.

CLA has been shown to fight cancer in many areas and to help inhibit growth and reduce growth in breast, prostate, colorectal, and stomach. It is also fights against skin cancer including melanoma!

This wonderful little (well, it is not really little) substance is good for so many things. I take 3,000 to 4,000 mg a day. I do this in the morning because it does burn fat and give me energy. If I took it later in the day, I might not be able to sleep or relax. I do not take all the pills at one time, but spread them out through my breakfast. It seems that if I take all at once, my stomach burns a little.

As it reduces fat, especially in the tummy area, it also enhances muscle growth.

There are so many things and benefits of CLA, that it is hard to list them all. You can check it out more online.

I think CLA is a very vital part of health and wellness, as well as weight loss and being fit and in shape.

CLA used to be found in abundance in beef, cheese and butter. Today, if you get meat from cows that have been grass fed it will have more CLA in it than from cows which are fattened in feedlots. I was talking with one rancher who grows grass fed cattle, and also supplements their food with CLA. I would say that his beef would be healthier (maybe a little tougher, though) than most that you buy in the major stores.

Just a little food for thought!

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thanks for your comment on my blog! Very wise comments and very much appreciated! Thanks for your wisdom and prayers!