Sunday, September 16, 2007

Memory Lane

Friday, a week ago was a fun day! I was in Atlanta (really Conyers) staying with my parents. It was a great visit. I enjoyed my time with them. Mama has her wonderful sense of humor and keeps us laughing. Daddy is getting his strength back and he is making sure that we keep Mama's schedule and keeping her going.

Also, I got to spend time with my brother and his family and my sister and some of hers. I also got to visit with my Uncle Maynard and Aunt Mart. He took a special interest in fixing up my old volvo.

But, on this particular Friday... I got to visit with my BEST friend all the way through school. Funny that we seem to be able to pick up our friendship right where we left off like there is no lapse of time. We have seen each other about 3 or 4 times in 34 years!

I was able to meet her at the motel where she was staying. The neat thing is that it is on the corner of the street where she lived when we first met.
This was her house when we first met. It was white then.
The motel backs up to the house that her grandmother lived in and also the one where her family lived. This was her grandmother's house on the same street. It is still tree lined and like it was 50 years ago!

We walked down the street and around the corner to the street where I lived. My old house had been changed a good bit (it was red brick when we lived there), but it still had lots of good memories. We talked about our neighbors and the other kids that lived in our neighborhood. We had such a good time remembering. We even talked with the mother of one of our friends. We had played in their yard and jumped off the bridge on their driveway.

This was the church where we went to school in the third grade. This is where she sent to church and was active as a youth. This is the church where I went to first grade and we had our Bluebird meetings in a building behind the church. (Back then, the schools were so crowded that we had to have our classes in local churches until they got our elementary school built. We were in the 4th grade by then!)

It was such a special day! I even made a new friend! She had also come and we had a great time sharing our childhood memories.


Macatee said...

I am really excited that you got to see your freind. I feel the same way with Beka everytime we talk. I can not beleive that we have been friends for 28 YEARS!! I really wish that we could see each other more. It would be a dream come true.

The LaBouffs said...

That's a REAL friendship...the kind that always picks right up...never skipping a beat! I'm glad you got to go down Memory Lane with Mary Ann. It's always more fun to go down with someone who was there too:) (instead of driving thru Griffin ...ha ha haha)

Sarah said...

How funny that you had to go to class in that wouldn't happen now. I mean today if the school wasn't built yet they would rather everyone meet in grocery stores or warehouses somewhere like that instead of a church. How cool. Thanks for the pictures, they help us visualize the memories.