Monday, September 17, 2007


Well, I'm home now. Home has so many meanings. It definitely is where the heart is. I am torn because my heart is in two states.
I loved being back in Georgia at my parents' home. What a privilege and blessing it is to have them. They are still so much in love and enjoy each other. They laugh and sing and do almost everything together.

I had fun looking through old pictures of the family. They are all over the house in boxes and albums and in frames, on the refrigerator. The memories of times gone by flooded my mind. So many things to be thankful for!

While I was there, I brought back a mirror that my Daddy painted when he was young. It proclaims what we have prayed and believed and has been done, don't you agree?

God has been good to our family. We are blessed.

I drove back in this car. My uncle, who is wise about these things, took this car and had it in top working condition. Even though it is 17 years old, it hummed all the way across country!

I returned to this absolutely beautiful sunset. I watched the sun go down over the mountains and the enjoyed the afterglow. What beauty!!!!!

I am very happy to be home where I am. I love my husband and where we live. We are blessed here. I am content in whatever state I am in!


Sarah said...

The grandparents do look so in love and skinny. I am glad you got to go and love them for a little while. You are right, time with your parents is always a great feeling, a comforting feeling. Like a piece of you will always feel at home in their presence.


What a blessing to be able to love on them, to remember the good things and times. I'm so glad you got to do it.