Friday, October 30, 2009


We are home!
This has been one of the best weeks of our lives... We started out a little shaky. When we got to my parent's home, mama didn't know me and didn't like me very much. There were lots of things going on and she was tired and well... it was just hard. It broke my heart.
Daddy was doing well. He was tired and worn out, but he was in good spirits. It is always good to see him and have time with him.

Then, we headed southeast to do a revival. We are the ones who came away revived! God was so good and His Presence was so precious. Hugsum preached his best! He ministered in power and strength. I was so proud (after all, I AM his wife and helpmeet and... okay, so I can't take ANY credit, but I was just proud).

We loved and we were loved.

We ate WELL... (I went down wearing a pair of size 6 jeans. The last night I wore a size 10 outfit and the jeans I wore home... size 12! Like I said, we ate VERY well! (do you have any idea what I won't be doing much of in the near future????)

We were blessed to stay in a wonderful "cabin". Not your typical "cabin"... this one was first class! So nice and had everything we could ever need! We felt so honored to be there.

The church was PACKED!!! We held our breath so we could fit more people in. It was wonderful! The joy and excitement just flooded us.

It was so good to see so many people that we love! It was fun to catch up with what was going on and to see how much the children had grown! So many were little or babies when we were there. So many had been born since we left!

We have so many thank yous to give. So much love was given!!!!! I felt like I was walking in the "exceeding abundantly OVER and above all I ever asked or thought"... and receiving so much that we could not contain it! Our hearts and little car were overflowing!

On the way home we stopped back by my parent's to spend the night. I honestly was hesitant because I did not know what to expect. When we walked in mama smiled and seemed to know us. She was happy to see us. Later on after she went to bed I walked by her door. She was still awake so I just walked in and plopped myself on the bed right beside her. We had such a sweet visit. We just talked and I reminded her of things and she remembered and smiled and was constantly patting my face and arms and back and telling me she loved me. She probably told me she loved me 150 - 200 times. It was such a sweet precious gift!

This entire week has been a gift. There is nothing that we lacked. God's blessings abounded. I was able to see and visit with so many wonderful people. There were several very special people that I was not able to see or spend as much time with as I wanted. I know that there will be another time when I will be able to. If not in this life, then I know we will have eternity together.

I just wanted to share my joy and blessings...

and to explain where I've been... did I mention that our precious and wonderful cabin was equipped with something else that is hard to get... privacy! There was no phone. We had no phone service and no internet! When I went to town I could use my phone and check email and facebook. I must admit that I loved being unplugged. I might just try it more!

Hope that you have had a good week... We will be off to Oz tomorrow so I'll be away a little longer. I'll try to catch up with you!



2Thinks said...

I'm glad you went back and that your time with your mom then was precious and sweet.

Another blogger, whose husband is a pastor, was telling about a revival where her husband also was teaching. I wonder if the two of you were at the same revival?

Happy to hear you are safely home.

Merrie said...

It would be funny if we were at the same revival... There were LOTS going on. It must be a good week for them.

susan said...

another precious blog. God has gifted you with words, dear friend, and I have missed hearing from you. He is using you in ways more than you know, I'm sure. So glad for your special love-in with your Mama!

KD said...

I am so glad you had the second visit with your mama. Remember it and remind her. often. We have a wonderful woman at church who laughs and smiles and helps everywhere and says, I have no idea who you are though I suspect we talked last week, so we are probably friends. She is a blessing!