Monday, October 19, 2009

Try Again... and other things..

Over the weekend I tried something that I wasn't patient enough (at the time) to figure out. It didn't work. I'll keep working at it. My next goal is to "train my blog" to post on facebook.

I was trying to blog from my phone. I wanted to post a picture of a new find at Walmart. It is my favorite tea - that and Wild Sweet Orange. They both are so good!

You should try these teas! I had been getting them from Starbucks - but found the Wild Sweet Orange at Target (thanks, Beka) and then on Friday I found Passion at Walmart! Both are for $3! Great deals!

I wanted to give an update on my home remedy... It worked!!!!! Hallelujah! I am sure that I saved my tooth and a nice dental bill by using the peroxide and silver! It took a few days, but by Thursday, I had no pain at all and the tooth was not sensitive to touch or pressure. I was just eating peanuts and chewing with that tooth. Made me so thankful!

Also, the flea pill is a marvel! I don't know what the side effects are but there are NO fleas!!!! I haven't seen any and Andy is not itching from flea bites! Yeah, I'm thankful for that, too!

We are looking forward to a trip back home. We are going to be checking in on my parents and then going down to a former church to preach a revival. I'm so excited to see these people. They are some good friends - salt of the earth - strong in the Lord!

I'm hoping for some boiled peanuts while we are there and some Cadillac Rice - maybe even some teacakes (cookies). One thing for sure, they know how to cook down there! We get 2 fellowship meals and lots of meals with friends and loved ones.

I realize the blessings of friends and family. God has been so good to us through the years with people to love. He has lead us to wonderful places to minister.

I'm humbled by His goodness to us!

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Beverlydru said...

You've stuffed a lot of good news is this post! With our first cold weather, I'm in the mood for some new teas so I'll put these on my grocery list!

Awesome report on the demtal remedy! YAY!!