Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flea Control


We have fleas. Not only our dog, but our house and yard. Not only our yard here, but our yard and house in "Oz".

Our poor little fella has been scratching and scratching. I have bathed and bathed him. His skin is raw... Last week I bathed him about 4 times with Dawn dish detergent and and a "good" flea shampoo. I let it stay on him for 10 minutes. I have bathed him twice this week.

I have used Frontline and Advantage (at different times) and NOTHING has worked to get rid of them.

If you knew how badly he HATES a bath, you would know that I have been torturing my dog. He shakes the entire time. When I get the sink cleaned out, he hides.

We have sprayed the yard heavily with a flea killer... I have sprinkled my house with a flea killer powder and vacuumed it.

Still, the same day (even a few minutes after his bath) he STILL has live fleas crawling all over him.

That means we have them all over our house and yard.... :( Even though I have not found any one me, I have been assured that only a small percentage of my flea population is on Andy.

So, today we went to the vet and got a pill. It is one that kills the fleas. I have added Brewers Yeast to his food and Apple Cider Vinegar to his water (1 teaspoon each). I have washed his bedding and am vacuuming. They say I have to vacuum the entire house (furniture and all that he touches) EVERY day! Also, I need to wash his bedding daily.

That is just for here. Not sure what we are going to do about our house in "Oz". I am only there one day a week... and do not have a vacuum cleaner.

I'll let you know how it goes... It has to get better! At least with the pill I can bathe him in a mild shampoo ... that should help!

Let me know your experiences, please.


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2Thinks said...

I wish I could be of help. We don't have a dog. This sounds exhausting. I'll be thinking of you and praying the fleas freeze or something.