Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Things I have to do before Christmas...

Thirteen things I have to do Before Christmas

1. Get Hugsum a really nice creative Christmas present that he will LOVE!

2. Do Christmas baking (cookies, candy, bread, etc.)

3. Find 60+ mugs for 50 cents each... to make Snowman Soup gifts (hot chocolate)

4. Get the ingredients for the Snowman Soup...

5. Wrap presents

6. Figure out Christmas dinner menu

7. Attend Christmas parties

8. Go to Christmas Train (a HUGE Christmas witnessing event sponsored by Church On The Move - the one all our children attend). It shares the story of Jesus. It lots of fun and exciting and is sold out completely this year. (it is done 4 nights a week from Thanksgiving to Christmas! I don't know how many thousands of people go through, but it is a huge amount!)

9. Sew ... surprises

10. Load pictures on a Scandisk for a gift.

11. Get Andy (dog) groomed

12. Keep grandchildren

13. Clean, clean, clean, clean... nuff said about that!


The LaBouffs said...

This time of year is always busy, busy, busy.... you'll get done all that you need to do...and if not, oh well!

lmerie said...

ahhh, another decorated Christmas tree . . . that is still on my list. But maybe we will go au naturale this year - HAHA!

Hey, where will you find .50 mugs?

Merrie said...

Well, that's the hang up... I can't find any this year! I need at least 60 and I don't want to spend $1 each. But, that's all I can find... and then finding 60... yeah, it's not been real easy!