Monday, December 29, 2008

Extravagant Love

This Christmas I was the recipient of extravagant love. I am so humbled and blessed by my gifts.... especially these...

In our church there is a precious little lady (really little because she is only about 4' 10"). She is the one who called me "an old shoe". She is 88 years old and cannot read. But oh, the love that outshines the most well educated and wealthy!

She blessed me with some pot holders - or "trivets" . They are handmade with much love, double thickness and hand crocheted. They vary in size and pattern. Here is a large one to put under pots or casserole dishes... (isn't it colorful?)

This is an assortment of the sizes and patterns ... yes, there are A LOT of them!

This is the stack of them... there are 13 in the stack... it is 7 inches high! (and I gave 2 of them away and I have 2 at my weekend parsonage!)

That was quite an act of love! She even taught me how to make them! She was not content to just give me one, but showered me with them.

Then, she out did herself in extravagance ... she began to crochet me an afghan... she said she got started and just kept going... it is very colorful and heavy and warm!

It is 12 feet long and over 5 feet wide!.... yes, it really is... I measured it... I mean... TWELVE FEET long... that is 4 yards!.... my husband and I can lie toe to toe and it will completely cover us... There is no telling how much yarn is in this beauty. I don't know how she was able to pick it up! She is small and frail and this is huge and heavy.

I would say that this lady of not much means, a widow, gave more than a mite. She gave abundantly of what she had and what she could do.

Yes, I feel loved. I feel humbled. I feel blessed...

What was your favorite gift this year?


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Wow. No, WOW. WOWEE. That IS a lot of yarn! It's really precious. I'm wonder what you did to fall into such favor??

The Preacher's Wife said...

Awesome, that is so sweet! My best Christmas gift this year came from God, a house! I feel like the man on Facing the Giants when he said, "Oh, Lord you've given me a truck", and I say, "Oh, Lord, you've given us a house!"

lmerie said...

Oh how great! So sweet, and sounds cozy for cold evenings :)

Hey, the temp has started to drop here - this morning was humid and hot, now at 1:30 I am beginning to need a jacket - Yay! A little more winter :)

Beverlydru said...

That is an amazing gift.

What was my favorite thing? Hmmm. The moment we stopped to pray, with all my chickadees around the table and everyone in good health.

The tangibles were mostly practical this year but chosen with love so all were special.

Sarah said...

That is HUGE!!! Ok my favorite gift this year was being able to go to my mama's house as spend time with MY family in peace. (I also love the digital camera and stainless steel mixing bowls my mom got me.

The LaBouffs said...

That's crazy long!

My favorite gift this year was to see the pure excitement and joy on Noah and Kendall's faces (and next year Posey will enjoy it a little more)! Of course, I'm pretty excited about my new treadmill, too!


In your cold weather that afghan is a blessing. And to have such a precious saint make that and those trivets...You are blessed and much loved.

Going to California in November to visit my kids out there and spend Thanksgiving with them in the mountains was to be our present. However, today is our 25th wedding anniversary and my husband gave me a wrap for my marquis diamond solitaire so I am amazingly blessed.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh Merrie, I just got your message, and I'm sad it didn't work out, because as you know, you are a long-time fav. Maybe you'll get to next time, like in summer 09!