Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Decorating and such

See what I found under my Christmas tree? Posey... she is about to go to sleep. She's growing like a weed and so sweet! She loves to look at the lights on the tree. It is "safe" to put her down there when the other kids are taking a nap. Otherwise, they love to kiss her play with her and try to pick her up.... not so good...

This is the part of the decorations that did NOT get put up in my house... they are still waiting to be put back up in the attic... hopefully before Christmas!

The placement of decorations gets tricky... precious little hands seem to be attached to growing LONG arms... they love to reach and touch and feel.... They are so good most of the time not touching. But, there are "those" times when it becomes overwhelmingly tempting to look with the hands!

This Christmas has promises of great fun and excitement. I can't remember enjoying Christmas so much in many years. Having little people around is fun! (even needing to adjust the decorating is worth it all!) I'm so excited! I can hardly wait for Christmas morning! But, one of the great and wonderful things is that all this season I have been getting to enjoy my grandchildren being around! God's goodness overwhelms me sometimes!


The LaBouffs said...

Your house looks clean...the maid musta come :) We've enjoyed having you here this year and being able to spend lots of time with you and dad.

lmerie said...

A grand time for sure! Glad your are enjoying the little hands! :)