Wednesday, December 10, 2008


That's what time I saw on the clock this morning when I woke up.

Now, if you read that "four forty four" you are reading it normally.

I happen to read it "faux fauxty faux".... without fail.
I can't bring myself to say or even think of it any other way.

When that time rolls around I see it (usually in the afternoon) ... I think it (faux fauxty faux)... and I smile. It evokes memories of long ago and my mama. I think we first "heard" it that way from movie and since then that is how we say it everytime.

In fact, I always want to call mama at that time just to talk. She doesn't remember "faux fauxty faux" any more. But, she is always sweet and laughs.

What everyday, ordinary things take you back to childhood and good times?


The LaBouffs said...

I think of you and Grandmoma when I see foe-foety-foe, too.

Dana said...

LOL! I am cracking up at this post...because saying "faux fauxty faux" up here is NORMAL!!!! Jay's aunt says something similar when she calls and leaves us her number to call her back: "978-faux-two-faux..."

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

4:44 am, I time I am familiar with, unfortunately!