Sunday, March 16, 2008


No, not me.
This week my precious little grandchildren had a bad cold and went to the doctor. There they got a horrible stomach virus! Poor little ones - well, poor mommy! They were so sick and when I talked to her on Friday she was washing multiple loads of throw-up laundry.

Today - SHE has it. Poor hubby! He has had to take care of all of them. Glad he had last weekend off from the kids.

Thank goodness for sisters... Younger sister came to the rescue with Sprite, crackers and chicken noodle soup!

God is good. Sickness is bad!

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Sarah said...

Poor Hubbie is right he was worn out and wasn't feeling so hot himself. It is amazing how fast that stuff travels. It is like a bad report or spreads to each person differently but it's affect is damaging and hurtful. Anyway, a mommie is always needed when her little girl is stay by your phone, she just may need good cry. Love ya. say say