Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have held my tongue - well... maybe not. I have expressed myself at home. Please know this is controversial - but it is humbly written and questioning...

Is anyone else sick and tired of all the black/white stuff?

I have some very dear friends of color - red, yellow, black and brown. I love them all. I respect them. I honor them. Not for their color, but for who they are. Their color does not enter in to the equation.

I also have dear friends who are white...

I feel that we are all created in God's image.

I wish that all things were equal, but you know - life is not equal. Bad things happen to everyone. Atrocities have happened in all our families and to all our ancestors.

Why is it okay to have "black" churches and agenda, but there cannot be anything that would be interpreted as "white" anything?

Please know that I am not racist. Yes, I grew up in Georgia, but like I said, I have very good precious black friends and have for years.

It is not okay, no matter WHAT color you are to damn America, to be divisive or to have an agenda to promote one race or sex over the other (that's another thing I am against, "feminism"). We are "one country under God"... "United we stand"... why are we fighting each other?????

We are all created in the skin and body we have. We need to be happy and accept it and not be inferior or superior to anyone else just because they are different from us.

I am sorry that black people were oppressed and forced into slavery. It was wrong, it was horrible. But, the truth is - there is not ONE person alive today that did that. Neither is there ONE person alive today that was a slave.

Why is it an issue in today's world? Why is it still used as an excuse to not move on and to continue to live in bondage of their own making?

WHY? WHY? is it even an issue in today's presidential campaign? Why, WHY is it constantly held over our heads and thrown in our faces and somehow whites are made to feel responsible and have to pay for it?

The issues for President should be about honesty, integrity, skill, ability. Their stand on Christian ideals - against same sex marriage and abortion.. support Israel.

Whether they are black, white, male, female, Republican, Democrat - none of that matters. What is their character? What do they stand for? Can we trust them and can they do the job?

Well, thanks for "listening"... I just got tired of hearing it on TV and Hannity and Combs wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise!


beverlydru said...

All of this controvery with Obama's church is indicative of what lurks under his cleverly crafted words and presentation style. A snake in the grass comes to mind and my mama taught me, "don't get close enough to see the color of any snake - just run."

The Preacher's Wife said...

AMEN! I cannot agree with you more.


I was not raised here in GA nor was I raised in a racist family. I have never understood racism. I am sick of it yet there are more churches who preach it or condone it than I imagined and I mean or both colors.

What happened to redemption. Isn't it through the Redemption Christ paid the price to give us that we then have real freedom? real liberation?

I don't think this is just about Obama but I believe God is telling us all to check our hearts. He hates racism too.

I may have to blog on this too as I have been boiling about this also.

The LaBouffs said...

AMEN! I feel the EXACT same way yet, I've only expressed it at home, to hubs, in fear it would come off as racist to people that don't know my heart! You did a good job wording it! I'm not racist against a color, but against an attitude!

Anonymous said...


joan said...

Well said....and the sentiments of many, many Americans, I believe. We had Obama here in Portland yesterday and to watch the news, it looked like an old fashioned revival meeting!! He could have said anything and the crowd would have cheered!

It brings to mind the scripture which says, "Lay hands suddenly on no man..." and I suspect that means give him time to prove himself, before he is asked to lead.

Thanks for confronting a subject head on that most of us fear talking about too loudly.

Linda said...

I understand your feelings exactly. You are one of the few brave enough to talk about it. All I know is, I've sat in my church listening to my pastor for 18 years. I can't imagine staying there that long if he preached things that I did not basically agree with. Being tied to an embarrassing uncle who says nutty things is one thing; submitting to a pastor's teaching is another. Obama created that tie himself.