Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama!

March 19, 1922 Henry Frank Bennett and Sarah Pearl Louellen Womack Bennett gave birth to their 4th child in Macon, Georgia. Sarah Elizabeth was the third living child.

She was quickly named, then nicknamed, Bess. Bess has brought so much love and joy into the world.

Even though at times when we talk to her now she may not know who we are or where she is, she still knows she loves us and is quick to tell us how much she loves us and wants to see us.

Mama grew up during the depression. She spent her life serving others. She took care of her mama and her three younger sisters and brother and many cousins and friends. Later her husband and children.

Mama prays for us and loves us. She has been "mama" to many, Aunt Bess, Miss Bess and my Daddy's "Honey". Everyone who knows her loves her and wants to be close to her. She brings so much joy and laughter into our lives. Her delight is to bring smiles and laughter to the world.

I wish you could know her. You too, would be blessed!

Happy, Happy 86th Birthday, Mama. I love you and miss you! See you soon! (but not soon enough!)


The LaBouffs said...

Happy Birthday, Grandmoma!

Dana said...

Aww!!! She looks like such a sweet Mama! Great post!!

The Madrerohons said...

Happy Birthday Grandmoma! I'll kiss her for you tomorrow on Easter. Much love,Betsy

Linda said...

Oh, she is precious. My daddy is 86, so I understand how you feel about her.