Monday, March 10, 2008

Cowboy lingo...

The other day a cowboy came into our place of business. He was wearing short chaps.
I turned to the girl next to me and asked if he had outgrown his CHaps.

She turned to me and smiled sweetly and said, "shaps". I must have looked really confused because she repeated, "SHAPS, you pronounce it shaps... and, he was wearing CHINKS, they are shorter shaps."

So, I've had a cowboy lesson. Even though they are spelled chaps, they are pronounced SHAPS and if they are short and look like they have been outgrown, they are chinks.

CHAPS: (pronounced "shaps") Derived from the Spanish las chaparreras, or chaparejos. Leggings worn by horse people as protection against the brush and weather. Usually made of leather.

(Chinks): Short chaps or riding apron, originally from California. Usually with fringe, they come just below the knee. Regional to buckaroos. Texas and southwestern cowboys sometimes wear chinks with their pants tucked into high boots.

I knew you'd be enthralled with this bit of information.


Elsa said...

That is soo funny, I tend to do that same thing. I'm always getting words mixed up...but I'm also the one that makes up my own words to songs, but I really think I'm singing it right until someone laughs and corrects me. Keeps people on their toes!!

beverlydru said...

Live and learn! This is news to me. Sound like you are deep in the heart of Oklahoma! : )

The LaBouffs said...

WOW! Who knew?! I certainly did not and would've made the same mistake! I've always heard it pronounced CHaps...but maybe that's because you've always said it that way ;)

Linda said...

Wowsers. We never have a real cowboy in these here parts. But I do consider my husband a short chap; he's 5'7". :)