Friday, November 9, 2007

Rare Happening...

Yesterday Hugs'um had an out of town meeting. This is one of the very rare times that he traveled alone. That means that I was at home alone.

I have never been a person who is full of fear. It has never bothered me to be alone. So, this was a fun time. Not something that I would want all the time. But, occasionally it is nice.

I got lots of things done. But the funny thing is that I didn't HAVE to do anything, so what I did was very rewarding. I had some great time just reading and praying and listening. I didn't even really want the tv on. I enjoyed the "quiet". I stayed up late, and got up early.

I did get away with something... I let the dog sleep with me. He was sweet and stayed still most of the night, but he did watch and listen for "daddy" to come home.

This afternoon you should have seen him get all excited. He could not be still he was so happy to see "daddy".... he licked him all over his face and hands.

I was glad to see him too.


Linda said...

I enjoy my alone time. Some people get their batteries re-charged by being with other people; others get them re-cahrged by being alone. That's me. So occasionally if my husband travels, I don't sweat it, either.

Sarah said...

glad to hear that you didn't respond to daddy coming home like am glad you had some time. i am sure it was a great feeling...freedom...

PeanutMM said...

Some alone time in the quiet sounds heavenly! I had 30 minutes the other day and I just sat in the still silence, such wonderful time before the Lord! I am glad you were able to enjoy yours!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-) We are actually off the mission field...I need to change my profile wording, sorry. We have been back in the states for 10 months and are working with International Students at a University now as our "new" ministry. It has been a blessing to be back home with family!

I am looking forward to reading you more! Have a great weekend!