Saturday, November 24, 2007

Moving Right Along...

We are back home now from our wonderful Thanksgiving time in Tulsa! What a fun time! We had lots and LOTS of food and eating treats and pleasures. The grand kids were so much fun!
It was great to see Jenny again and look forward to sharing holidays since we have the privilege of sharing grandchildren. She was kind and brought her really nice camera and took some family pictures for us... to be seen later...
We had no mishaps or strange occurrences... only good food and good fellowship and lots of love in the family.
One precious little one didn't feel too well, but she still managed to play and have some fun before she gave in to sleeping on her daddy's chest.
We didn't even get out into the shopping frenzy. We talked about it, but none of us were "up" for it. So, we just got out Christmas decorations and began that process. One daughter even got completely decorated! It is her first Christmas as a married woman and so it was special with their first tree. (remember those days?)
Now we are home and discussing whether we are even going to decorate this year. HE says "no need, none of the children are coming." I say that I decorate for ME. Oh well... the debate goes on and I think I'm winning.... I threatened to go out and BUY more decorations if he does not want to go and get the ones out of storage.... hehehe...that one got him!
See you soon with decorations in hand!
Oh... hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving! and Merry Christmas!


Sarah said...

It was a good thanksgiving! I liked having my tree all decorated and am dreaming of what else to do around the house that is festive. But i got to watch christmas movies all day long friday since my tree was decorated. Well get to decorating is your favorite part of the year and the time when your house looks the best!! You do it for you! Man does it feel good!

Lindsay said...

so glad you had a blessed time! It is so wonderful to wake up in the morning to Christmas tree lights and decorations.Hope you were able to get everything you wanted out of storage..although new decorations would be nice too! ;-)

rhonda rowe said...

It is good to see you with your family. I am glad you guys had a great time.