Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mama's Swing

This is my Mama's swing. It is in her back yard. During the spring she decided to go out and fix it up. She trimmed back the limbs so she could go and sit in the shade. She worked and arranged the chairs so others could come and sit with her.

Daddy got a little upset with her because she would decide to go out and work around her swing and she didn't let him know she was going outside. She even climbed up on some chairs to cut the limbs. I know that the angels must have been watching out for her because she did not fall and hurt herself.
Mama loves her swing and loves to go out and sit in it and talk. It is a great place of comfort to her.
Some of my favorite memories growing up are going to both grandmama's houses. They both had big swings on their front porches. It was always so much fun when the cousins were there and we would swing and laugh and sing and take naps in the swing.
There is something so soothing and comfortable about a swing. Especially under a nice shade tree in the summer when the wind is blowing and the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming close by. ... and being there with someone you love.
I enjoyed sitting in the swing with Mama this fall. She and Daddy sat out there talking and laughing and remembering and singing.... I'm sure she will want to get back out there as soon as it warms up enough. We'd better watch out and make sure the limbs are cut back so she doesn't feel like she needs to clean it up again!


Elsa said...

Oh, I truly believe that everyone should have swing in their yard. I have fond memories of swinging in my Granny's swing, eating popsicles bare foot, having fish frys, kicking the dirt & chatting with family. My Granny & PalPal have two swings at their house now and everytime the family gathers, we always fight for the best seat.

The LaBouffs said...

Grandmoma always did love working in the yard and being outside! So, her fixing up the yard around her swing doesn't really surprise me! I'm glad she has her own 'spot'!