Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Seasons and change

I've been thinking a lot about these things lately. We just happen to be in the summer "season" but because school is starting, everyone is thinking "fall". So, we are transitioning.
Transition means CHANGE!
That lead me to think about change... we are changing! Whether we mean to or not, we are changing.
Even dead things change! Think about it, once the body dies, it begins to decay and in a short amount of time, it no longer resembles what it was when it was alive.
All living things are changing. We may appear to be the same on the outside (for awhile) but our cells are constantly changing. Did you know that you replace all your cells once a year? So that next year at this time , you will have a "new" body. It may look the same, but it is different.
I realize that we can just allow change to change us or we can make a concerted effort and make the change ourselves.
Like, I can continue to change and gain weight (maybe even stay the same weight) - OR I can decide and make the effort and lose weight and get into shape.
I can continue down destructive paths emotionally and spiritually - OR I can decide and work toward becoming more Christ-like.
Change can be threatening and scary or it can be exciting and rewarding. It depends on how we face it and if WE decide to take the initiative and be a catalyst for change.
What season are you in? What changes have you noticed in your life? Are you happy about the changes in you since this time last year? Where do you want to be this time next year? What changes are you going to make to get you there?
We are encouraged to forget those things that are behind and to press toward the prize ... the prize is our goal. We have been created for a purpose. God has a plan for us. Are we living in that plan?
My thought has always been, that IF we are still on this earth (and if you are reading this then you are on the earth) then there is a reason and a purpose and God still wants to use us. No matter how old we might be or how we might feel "used up"... there is still something God has for us.
So, no matter what season we are in, we are moving to the next season. Change is eminent, but change is good - it means progress if WE determine the changes - if we don't take charge, then the changes will probably mean going down hill, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
What changes are you going to make in your changing??
The good thing is... you CAN change!


Macatee said...

Thanks for your blog. I was able to use one of your entries as a devotional for our small group last night. You do a really good job!!

the finchers said...

scripture says we go from glory to glory to glory and in my book that means change.....just recently I was talking to God about the kind of person(mother, daughter,siser,friend)
that I really desired to be........
and guess what I heard "Well just be it" other words make the necessary adjustments to become that kind of we can not change ourselves but allowing God to work in us we can become who He really desires us to be .....and yes we have to give Him something to work with...........a recent change or decision I have had to make is choosing over and over again not to let fear rule over me and choosing to walk in the love and peace of I have practiced this I have found a new freedom and joy......
there is also great freedom and joy in realizing that there are some things we can not change.....let's
learn how to enjoy our present season as we anticipate the next,always looking towards the aurthor and finisher of our faith.