Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Puppy Days...

When the children were little we watched a show with a dog and he sang, "I'm just a Lucky Dog, just a Lucky Dog...."

Well, we don't believe in "luck" and so I taught the kids to sing "I'm just a 'puppy' dog, I'm just a 'puppy' dog". Later, they laughed about it...

Anyway, I've always loved puppies and kittens... living in a parsonage, we were not allowed to have pets inside. That was always something we wanted. Then, a few years ago, "they" changed the rules and we were able to have a pet in the house. Oh happy day!

It took me 31 years to have my OWN puppy. But, my husband really came through for me and gave me a Yorkie! Our little Andy (named for our favorite TV person, Andy Griffith) has blessed us and brought us much pleasure. We also have a cat named Barney - who does not get to come inside anymore. But, Andy and Barney are great friends.

Well, this past weekend our daughter came to visit. She has been looking for a new puppy. She is a real pet lover and since she moved, she had to leave her dog and not take him on the new adventure.

We heard of a lady who was giving away puppies. Of course, when we got there, the one she was giving away was as wild as a Tasmanian devil! Then, she brought out some other puppies... precious little things - but there was ONE... oh my goodness. He was beautiful and so sweet! A miniature Sheltie... Shelties are like miniature collies, but this one is especially tiny! He is smaller than our Yorkie!

So, we were able to work it all out and they got him on Sunday.He brought back so many memories for me. I remembered back when I was 18 and living with my best friend. We had a habit of going through pet stores. One day, I fell in love! There was a beautiful little Sheltie. She was so tiny and sweet. I just HAD to have her! I just "happened" to have one of my daddy's credit cards. (I was in college and he was still paying for my gas) So, I just whipped out that card and bought her. Then I called and said, "You don't have to worry about getting me a birthday present this year. I've already gotten it!" I don't think they were planning to spend quite that much on me, but they were gracious and kind and loving as always and let me keep her. She looked just like a little fox, so I named her "Foxie Lady". She was my dog for almost 5 years!

Then, when I got married, my husband was allergic to dogs and cats (I had 3) and so I gave them up for him. I thought I made a great and wonderful trade and was very happy about it. I would do it again and again!

Now, we have another little Sheltie in the family. Puppy days are here again and we are BLESSED (not lucky)!

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The LaBouffs said... had a happy birthday sheltie, and now we do :) He is really starting to come "alive" and he is so much fun! (minus the housebreaking)