Thursday, August 30, 2007


I have been trying to blog for two days now!
I started out trying to download the video below. It is so cute! Our daughter and her two children and dog (the sheltie) came to visit us this week. I took this video and I wanted to share it but could NOT get it to download! Finally, she did it for me! (THANKS!)

I have so much to say and don't really know where to start. I've been listening to a tape a friend sent me on the Father's blessing. Wow... I realized again how important it is to live in that line of blessing. Whatever we have that is good came from someone back down the line.
In the tape he is talking about a certain king of Israel who was horrible. He did more evil than his father before him. God said that He would remove him from the throne EXCEPT that He remembered his father David! That would have been his great great great grandfather (or somewhere around that). The point being, that David was many times removed and many generations before this king, and God was still holding the promise that He made to King David to always have one of his son's on the throne. Wow... think about it...

What we do does make a difference to those after us. What our parents and grandparents did makes a difference to us and our children.

I want to ask... what are we doing to make life easier and better for our children and grandchildren? What roads are we paving that they won't have to pave? Or are we digging some up that they will have to pave later? Blessings go to a thousand generations. Curses go to four. I'm so thankful that blessings keep on going and going and going!

Can you see something in your life that is a result of your ancestors?

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