Sunday, August 19, 2007


Today was a great day! Being a pastor's wife, I don't always feel that way about Sundays. . . But, today was one of those great and wonderful days for many reasons. We had a great sermon and great attendance and great dinner. But, those are not what blessed me most today.

As we were arriving for our 11 o'clock service, we looked coming down the street. There was one of our most faithful members walking to church from his residence at the nursing home. The beautiful thing was, he was bringing a guest. His guest was coming across the highway in his motorized wheelchair! Think about it!

Here is a man who WALKS to church every Sunday. In fact, last Sunday after church, he walked to our home and rang the doorbell (forget that it happened to wake up 2 sleeping grand babies who were visiting). He came and brought his tithe. He said he had gotten back to his room and saw that "the Lord's money" was on his dresser and he wanted to make sure it got to the Lord that day! Talk about faithfulness!

Okay, so, not only does he WALK, he invited a guest, who came in a wheelchair! He became an evangelist. He reached out to the world where he lives and proclaimed Jesus and brought someone with him. This person came in his wheelchair!

Now, granted, it is maybe only 3 or 4 blocks, but we complain if we have to walk across the street! We don't like to be inconvenienced in any way. Last week when he walked twice, it was 100 degrees. Today, it was wet - we had about 5 inches of rain last night. What sacrifice and what commitment!

Then, this afternoon as we were relaxing and enjoying some time "off", we got a call. We were invited to go for a ride out into the country/mountains. She had had a special rack made for a book they were going to mount in the church. She said, she wanted us to meet these people. Well, honestly, we did NOT want to go. We were content to just continue with what we were doing. These people threw in some "bait". They said if we would come they would feed us pizza.

We could not gracefully figure out a way to not go. The lady who invited us has been so good to us in so many ways and helped us over and over and over. So, we (I hate to say grudgingly) agreed to go.

We were not sure WHERE we were going. We got in her car and rode north about 9 or 10 miles. Then we took "the cut" through the mountains (I was so sorry that I did not take my camera! I just had no idea!) and went another maybe 10 miles and turned right and went a little farther.

She just knew where she was going... we went by the home of a 4 star general... the views from where we were are breathtaking! As far as you can see... flat, flat, flat, flat, MOUNTAIN, flat flat flat flat MOUNTAIN... in every direction!

We pulled into the driveway of a very modest home. There were also 2 cobblestone buildings that were in perfect condition. They had been there for over 80 years! That in itself was amazing. But, what was inside was awe inspiring!

When we got out of the car, a sweet lady greeted us and gave us warm hugs like we had always been her friends. Then a very kind gentleman came out of one of the buildings and he was holding a cedar cross that he said he had "just found" and presented it to us. He said it needed to be be finished. When he placed it in my hand I could hardly believe the beauty of it. It was the softest, smoothest piece of wood I have ever felt. Plus, it SMELLS sooooo good!

Then he was going to show us around his place. He had always lived there. He had helped his granddaddy plant red cedar trees on the property. He had story after story about everything around there. We were ushered into his workshop (one of the cobblestone buildings) where he designs and makes beautiful furniture and cedar chests and chairs and tables and all sorts of things - anything you describe for him that you want, we can build.

Then I noticed something... he had a cane, he had a cable from one building to the next that he reached for... even though he had reached for my hand and looked at me and talked with me, I had not noticed something important ... he is BLIND! artist, a woodworker... he uses saws and power tools, hammers... he has been blind for 20 years! You should SEE the work he does! What a gift, what a treasure, what a blessing!

The most amazing thing is his attitude. He is the most positive man! He is full of joy and love and laughter! He blessed us! He gave us the rack he made for us. He gave us the cross he had made. He gave us the tour and he gave us his time, and love, he shared his life with us.

Today my life has been changed by 3 people. The world would call them handicapped... one mentally, one in a wheelchair, and one blind. The world would have discounted them as useless and a burden. These people did not quit living. They did not become bitter and resentful and let the world take care of them. They are productive, caring, loving people.

Handicapped?I don't think so!!! They give back to the world. They are overcomers, they are powerful and each one has a witness and a love for Jesus that puts the rest of us to shame.

They put me to shame with their faithfulness and their dedication and their willingness to share what they have, whether it is big or little. With their commitment to Jesus and spreading His love. I see them as heroes of the faith!


The LaBouffs said...

That IS inspiring! I remember the guy walking last week from the nursing was hotter than 100 degrees! It seems like the times we REALLY dread something, we are the most blessed by it afterall!

Merrie said...

Thanks for reminding me and helping me to refocus. I have something coming up that I'm really dreading. I will start to anticipate something good coming from it now.

Cheryl said...

Praise the Lord for people who are caring and willing to do good for others in Jesus' name!


That is fabulous. These people have found Jesus...the real Jesus. They are living what He said. They are full of joy, loving Him and loving their neighbor!

What a blessing for both of you. There are many more to come!!!