Thursday, August 9, 2007

Heritage and Promise

Children are a heritage of the Lord and GRANDCHILDREN are His reward!

We got to go up again yesterday and I was able to see each and every one of the family!
It just reminds me of God's faithfulness when I see my children. It brings me no greater joy than to know that my children walk in truth. What more could a parent want?

So, just knowing that God is moving and He is working in their lives brings such deep satisfaction. I was able to see our sons in action - doing what they do. It is such a blessing to see the honor that is given them as everyone refers to them as "Pastor...." Their wives are so supportive in the ministry also and both of them work in the ministry as well... either on site or with an extension ministry.

Our daughters are married to fine men who are working toward their life goals and destiny. They are active in the church as well. It is fun to watch as they build their families and grow in wisdom and knowledge and maturity. They made a huge effort to come to where we were and visit with us. That blessed us!!!

Proverbs teaches us that if you train up a child in the way he should go, when he gets old he will not depart from it. We didn't do everything right and our children are not perfect. But, God's grace is sufficient and it covers our weakness and short comings. That was my prayer when the children were little.

The other night, we had a discussion at the dinner table. Our son-in-laws parents were also there and we were laughing at some of the mistakes we made as young parents. But, we also determined that the mistakes were what we thought was right and best at the time. We did the best we could with what we had. Thank God for His mercy!

I think that is all God asks. Give our all. Trust Him. Believe that He will take care of it - no matter what it is.

We can't live in the past regrets and if onlys. We can only live in the NOW. We can pray and believe for a better future and do what we can to reach our dreams and visions.

God's promises are "yes and amen". I'm standing on them!


The LaBouffs said...

What?! I'm not perfect??? Thanks for bursting my bubble!! Please don't tell Jason or Noah or Kendall...because I KNOW they all think that I am ;) ha hah a

Merrie said...

mum's the word! you can count on ME not to tell anyone! :) i MEANT to say that all my children ARE perfect - must have been a typo - don't you think that's what happened?

dillon said...

Uh perfection is that quality that comes out when I am right, RIGHT?
otherwise i am not quite sure i fit that category of not being perf. but i don't have kids i get to wait til then and then you as my mom become perfect..i guess that is how it goes..beka is always perfect, perfectly teaching her kids the importance of hot dogs...that is

dillon said...

don't post this one silly it's a decoy

Merrie said...

you are so right about being perfect..... perfection is an attitude or maybe a state of being and thinking and it is completely subject to the person who is judging....
if you are talking about ACTUALLY being perfect - well, we all know that there is only ONE who is perfect... not me, not beka, not you..