Saturday, December 5, 2009

Posting from Oz!

This is the weekend. That means that we are now in Oz - where our weekend parsonage is found. It isn't really Kansas - but close enough to spit... not that I WOULD spit on Kansas... nor that I would really consider it or think it appropriate or nice or anything. Just saying that I COULD if I were so inclined - which I'm not. Maybe I should say that I can SEE Kansas very clearly from here.

Whew, I almost got myself into trouble with that one.

Having gotten out and cleared myself - the reason that I'm so excited about being in Oz is that I am on line! For some wonderful reason, I 'm able to connect up here lately. I love that. Except that, it means that I'm not studying. It doesn't take much for me to not study lately. I'm so close to finishing, but have not wanted to open the books lately. I have just a couple more classes and my dissertation left to finish. Then, I'll be done! I can say I completed it! Not that anyone really cares (especially Hugsum, who thinks I'm crazy to be doing it in the first place - but he has been kind and supportive for the most part).

It is COLD. I enjoy the warm weather much more. I think it is cruel that in the time of year that it is necessary to get out and shop, the weather doesn't want to cooperate and make it fun and easy. I guess that is why some people do their shopping early in the year - like the summer! I never considered doing that until this year. Of course, I waited until December to decide. Don't think it will work. There is no such thing as retroactive shopping.

Part of the reason for procrastinating is that children grow. Adults lose and gain weight. New toys are invented and marketed. Things go on sale. Stores close and sell their stuff at 1/2 off. I am not inspired. The Christmas money hasn't been saved/alotted yet. On and on, the reasons for not getting it done early just keep coming.

We really don't know what we are doing this Christmas. It is the "in-law" Christmas. That means that all our children will be doing things with their other families. That is fair. I got them all last year. Some of the other families live close enough that we can share. That is a very nice thing to be able to do. Other families live 18 hours away. I don't have that many gifts to buy this year. We usually just do cash for the in-law years. It seems to be appreciated and is the right color and useful for the trips.

When we lived in Georgia, we always felt the need to come out here to visit. Now that we live here, we have the need to visit Georgia. Are we never satisfied? In fact, I feel more of a need to go back and visit aging parents. The kids would often (well not THAT often) make trips home to visit us and would be home during summer and other vacations... until they got married, then they didn't come for long visits.

We are considering going to Georgia early his year. Normally it is between Christmas and New Years that we make the trip. We have a grandbaby due the first part of January... then school starts back and I'll be keeping grandchildren. So, the timing is important. Grandchildren are important. They are blessings and fun and keep me on my toes and active!

My main struggle is in finding something fitting to give to all the members of our church. I normally bake and bake and bake LOTS of different cookies and candies and package them up for everyone - including neighbors and friends. This year, I'm not doing that. I have determined that I don't want all that sugar in my house or body this year. I am actually having withdrawals. I love to bake. I love the smell and taste and fun of all the goodies. But, then later, I feel horrible from all the smell and taste and eating and EATING! So, this year, I'm doing a non-baking gift. Maybe I'll share it later...

Well, I guess that I've "chatted" enough. I just am so excited to be online and wanted to communicate with the world while I could. I have nothing profound to share or say. Just wanted to blog.

Thanks for reading!


mandy said...

I'm going to GA soon too!!!

But I'm going to stay. :)

The LaBouffs said...

I'm gonna call you chatty Cathy :)