Sunday, December 20, 2009

Inspired Idea...

Recently I posted on Facebook a need for inexpensive, creative gifts. We love to give to the families in our church at Christmas. Last year I went to great lengths to make lots of wonderful homemade goodies to share bags with our church family and neighbors.

This year, I have been trying to resist doing all the baking. I just didn't have the time or energy to tackle marathon baking, nor did I have the will power to not inhale all that I made. It was causing me lots of stress and anxiety because I LOVE to bake.

I also wanted to give something that was "homemade" and personal. I put out a plea for help on Facebook and so many of my wonderful friends gave me wonderful ideas. I have squirreled them away for future use. THANK YOU!!!!!

I was praying and pondering what to do. Then I remembered ...

Years ago I had the privilege of leading an awesome group of ladies in Bible studies. We became very close through the years and they still mean the world to me and I stay in touch with many of them. When we moved from there, I had an inspired idea of something to give them. I also gave them to some precious ladies I got to be with on Sunday mornings in class. (My "title" was teacher, but THEY taught me!)

The idea was not really a "new" one, except in my application. Years earlier a special friend, Lisa, had given me a "God Envelope". The instructions were to place things in it that only God could do - you know, prayer requests, worries, fears, joys, praises, pictures of loved ones, etc.

So, as I was walking through Dollar Tree one day, I saw this ~ my inspiration.

I decided to make a "GOD BOX". I came up with some special instructions and scriptures and things and put something on the bottom, in the bottom and inside the top. It was very special! I knew it was a divine inspiration. It blessed me and it blessed the ladies. It was a gift from my heart and also pointed them to God to answer their questions, prayers and needs.

So, I decided to do one for each family in our churches. So, I rushed to Dollar Tree to wisk up all their boxes. I was so disappointed because all they had were some harsh red and green tacky ones (NOT pretty!). I went to a couple more Dollar Trees around town and still, none. They are normally out in the spring to be used for wedding things.

Then I found these.... Hand Painted Ornaments in a velvet box.... my imagination began to whirl. I mean, could I use this?

Each one has a glass ornament in it and there were many different designs.

Our daughter Rebekah personalized them for us (she has prettier handwriting than me).

Then, I added my touch... Inside the top I put the instructions on "How to Use Your God Box".
(yes, this one is inside the original white one, but I couldn't get the picture right on the Christmas one."

On the bottom of the box is more information and scripture, encouragment and agreement.

Inside on the bottom is just a little word to encourage people to let go and let God and to remember to turn to God and His Word for answers.

Our prayer is that these will become a special part of their lives and minister to them.

May you have a blessed Christmas. Remember that no matter what you are going through or what your need and desire, Jesus has the answer. He has already made the provision and plan for the answer. He came as a baby for us and He is here with us still.

Merrie Christmas!

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Thena said...

That was a wonderful idea.
Merry Christmas to you to.