Thursday, December 24, 2009

It is Christmas EVE!!!

WOW... we made it! This is the day before Christmas! WOOOO HOOOO!

There were times when it was questionable. Christmas always takes a LONG time to get around. Even though the festivities and preparation and anticipation begin long before "the" day, we wait impatiently for the gathering and celebration.

I want to introduce you to some new loves that I found on the shelves, and thus in my home! It doesn't require turning on the oven or stove. You don't even have to get out a mixing bowl or spoon! Makes it very nice when we are all rushing around with way too much to do!

Here is a dark chocolate mint 3 Musketeers... seriously DELICIOUS!

These have been around, but I have not gotten them before. I was on a mission to get some Christmas almond M&Ms. It used to be that the ONLY time you could get them was at Christmas. They were a seasonal special. They became a tradition for me. This year, I could not find them. I could find the regular almonds, and peanut Christmas ones... but not Christmas almonds! THEN, I saw the MINT M&Ms! I grabbed them up and yes, they are SOOOO good!

This is DANGEROUS! Really... watch out! I happened to be at Sam's twice and they were sampling this ... I got hooked! It is FudgieWudgie Pecan Turtle Fudge. I also love their Chocolate/Peanutbutter fudge, their White Chocolate Fudge...their WHATEVER they have is out of this world! It is the BEST! It is so creamy and smooth and addicting and you have just GOT to have it once you taste it.

Those are some things that will add to our Christmas pleasure.

BUT, I must remind myself again not to forget the reason for all this frantic activity and stuffing my face and running around is NOT any of that. It is simply Jesus. It is His love and Sacrifice and mercy. He allows us to enjoy all these other things. We just need to make sure that we keep the Reason for the season as the REASON!

Merry Christmas!

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