Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Ramblings

I love Christmas!
I love the decorations, the tree, the smells, the foods, the activity, the generosity, the joy, the anticipation and excitement! The love that just seems to be in the air is wonderful!

Over the weekend I was able to get most of my decorating done. I strategically placed my FisherPrice nativity set on the coffee table. I was not disappointed. As soon as the kids came in yesterday they ran straight for it and played and played and played with it. I overheard Kendall playing with the figure on top of the stable... it has a new name, "the grandmama with a butterfly on her back". Yeah, I loved it. No, I did not correct it.

We have been going through some transitions with my parents. I had been very concerned when we were in Georgia in October. It seemed that daddy was weak and tired and worn out. Mama is healthy, but just not "with us" much.

A few weeks ago daddy was experiencing some problems. He began to pass large amounts of blood. He was not able to get it stopped and fortunately, my nephew was there. He monitored the situation and determined (about 2 am) that daddy HAD to go to the hospital. Another blessing is that my brother and his wife live only about 20 minutes away and they came.

Daddy was admitted to the hospital in ICU. Many tests were run. He received blood. He had almost bled to death. If it had not been for the care of Greg, he probably would have. It was determined that he had diverticulitis.

Meanwhile, my sister and her husband had found a wonderful personal care home very close. They had actually found it on Saturday before this happened with daddy on Monday night.

A very trying and stressful week ensued. Someone had to be there with daddy. Someone had to be there with mama. My sister was very sick and ended up in the hospital herself. I was out here - 1/2 a nation away!

The good news is that we were able to get daddy and mama into the personal care home. It has a wonderful "memory care" unit where they are now living. Daddy is adjusting to giving up the complete care of mama. He is releasing the reigns a little so that he is regaining his strength and able to enjoy the other residents in the home (not all are in memory care).

Mama, has blossomed. She has come to life and is once again entertaining everyone. She puts a smile on everyone's face as she jokes and laughs.

We are hoping that daddy will once again begin his writing and ministering. He has so much wisdom and love to share but has not done it for a long time since he has been taking care of mama. Hopefully, this will bring more freedom in other areas for daddy as well.

It was not an easy transition. It is not easy giving up privacy and freedoms and home and familiarity and allow others to take care of you. He will not leave her side. He insists on staying right there with her - loving her.

I have so much more to share... life is full!

Blessings on your Christmas!

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Beverlydru said...

Wow- I feel like I "see" you on FB but I'm so glad I came to your blog for the real news. Lots going on! I'm glad your Mom and Dad are in a safe place where their needs will be met. LouLou was in a marvelous place with warm and loving caregivers that came in refreshed everdya because they didn't live there!!

The grandmama with the butterfly on her back... priceless.